Home Technology Your PC running slow ? Accelerate Your computer speed.

Your PC running slow ? Accelerate Your computer speed.

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If you want to boost up your computer speed then you need to follow some easy steps –

1 – Keep some space in your hard disk drive where operating system installed. Ensure that there is always some spaces in your Hard drive.

2 – Delete temporary files – It is necessary to delete temporary files. Just hit windows button+R and type %temp% then press enter. you will see new windows open where all temporary files listed. Delete all temp files.

3 – Uninstall unused Software – Open your control panel and remove unused software.

4 – Delete Browser history
5 – Keep your PC at cool place and save from Dust
6 – Keep your operating system updated
7 – Always use updated antivirus software

In short There is one software that could help you solving most of the PC problem

Click here to get free software to optimize your PC

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